Cable for Xhorse VVDI2, VVDI MB, VVDI BIMTool Pro, VVDI Key Tool Plus
original benz be key high quality with benz logo
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Latest Reviews
  • Campos Eduardo, Aug 7, 2022
    Super chips are a great back up. Cover a lot. Still need a good selection of specific chips. The key tool max is a good tool to have anyway.
  • Martin Červený, Aug 4, 2022
    vdi prog and replacement vvdi 35160 works well. VVDI prog and M35160DW work really well for replacement 160d0wt/wq but it DOES NOT work as a replacement for the M35128WT found in newer BMW clusters from 2016 onward. VVDIprog can read/write 35128 but not do mileage on it.
  • Rob Dotterer, Jul 27, 2022
    These are great, used them on a Land Rover discovery, Range Rover and a Nissan note. Good quality finish and programmed in with no issues.
  • Tyler Winslow, Jul 27, 2022
    Well ordered key tool max pro.
    Reason I did
    - battery tester
    - just eliminate and extra tool.
    - tough case
    - this made it worth it
    - canfd
    - I'm new to keys so not sure if my market needs it but future proof
    -cable to obd2
    - hard connection is a plus
    - waiting to see hidden feature
  • Adam Mc Crory, Jul 26, 2022
    Today I took the w211 gateway from disassembly, everything works fine, and the emulator works
  • Mateusz Smoroński, Jul 25, 2022
    I figured it out and overall it's a good machine that does what it is supposed to do. The only improvement I would make is maybe providing a more detailed user manual.
  • Jamil Hamed, Jul 25, 2022
    Corolla 2018 XEI 100%,
    2017 Toyota Prius smart key work great
  • Tomasz Popek, Jul 25, 2022
    Jeep Compass 2020yr, spare prox, add a xhorse smart key with mini obd and this 12+8 adapter
  • Dan Pontoni, Jul 17, 2022
    I already try AKL 2019 TOYOTA ALPHARD, 2019 TOYOTA HARRIER, 2019 TOYOTA SIENTA, with Key tool plus is work
  • nguyen khanh, Jul 15, 2022
    What is the purpose of CR2032 battery in VVDI PROG? When it runs out, can I change the battery by myself?