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[US/EU Ship No Tax] Xhorse DOLPHIN XP007 XP-007 Manual Key Cutting Machine for Laser, Dimple and Flat Keys

[US/EU Ship No Tax] Xhorse DOLPHIN XP007 XP-007 Manual Key Cutting Machine for Laser, Dimple and Flat Keys

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Xhorse Dolphin XP007 is the 3-in-1 key cutting machine for laser, dimple & flat keys.
enough stock in UK/Czech warehouse now
Portable solution, easy to carry
Built-in battery provides longer service life

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by Mr.Marc Trout on Jan 14, 2022
the xp007 is the best for a newbie, no problem with calibration, can cut all type of keys
by Mr.Rad Radu on Jan 7, 2022
I really like it Second time that it saved me
by Mr.Jay J. Luke on Jan 3, 2022
I am using the 007 its a great tool
by Mr.Bijuterii Aur on Nov 21, 2021
im from iraq i purchased it's very very very good

by Arkadijs Serkovs on Aug 7, 2021
спасибо аппарат хорошый доставка быстро !!!
Replied by Emily on Aug 8, 2021
Hello, Dear,

Thank you for your feedback.

If you have any questions or need any help, pls contact me at any time.

Best Regards
by Norman Kista on Apr 25, 2021
I recieved the machine and am very happy with it , Thank you

by Mr.Rasto Gavin on Mar 5, 2021
I purchased the dolphin xp007 as a backup to the other VVDI key machine we use the Dolphin XP-005 key machine that cuts key to code. If a simple duplicate is required, it's often faster to just use a duplicating machine for the task.
by Mr.Tim Fischer on Feb 24, 2021
I love it. Great addition to my condor. Comes handy when my condor can’t decode the bitting right on the more worn key. 
by Mr.christer jonsson on Feb 23, 2021
I have just bought this to go alongside my condor
Great addition so far, really well built for the money and feels solid
Complete novice on the manual key cutting but its been easy to set up and duplicate so far.
by Mr.Eric Ulteig on Jan 29, 2021
It's nice to have when you have multiple keys to cuts. 
by Mr.Sanfilippo Ruben on Dec 30, 2020
Is condor dolphin xp-007 in stock now  ?
Replied by sophy on Dec 30, 2020
Hello,my friend
Yes,it is in stock now. 
So,if you have new orders,please let me know asap. Thanks.
Best wishes

by mki on Sep 7, 2020
Hello, is downloading the software for the xc007 device the same as for the xcmini device because I own the xc007 device and I found a v.2.3.3 software for the xcmini device and I want to download it to my device
Replied by Emily on Sep 7, 2020
​Hello, Dear,

Dolphin 007 is a manual key cutting machine.
No system
No need update ​​

Best Regards
Whatsapp: +86 13559259147 
by Mr.Ivan Tellez on May 28, 2020
I need to make keys for Ford F021, is there such a possibility?
Replied by Emily on May 28, 2020
Hi, Dear friend,
Sorry, Dolphin XP007 won't cut Ford F021.
Any questions feel free to contact.
by Mr. Nikolaj Martynov on May 7, 2020
Hi. I have vvdi mb and xp007, maiby you can activate 1 token free per day?
Replied by Emily on May 8, 2020
Hello, Dear,

xp007  can not bind the vvdi mb for free one token .
XP005 and condor machine can bind

Best Regards
by Mr.Marian Cristofir on May 6, 2020
Hi ,do you have XP007 in uk stock? Can you give me a good price including shipping to Romania?You have me in your Database ,old customer.
No shipping from China please
Also I would like to use my USA paypal account but shipping to Romania
Replied by Emily on May 6, 2020
Hello, Dear,
UK warehouse shipping cost are expecially high to Romania and Greece and Croatia.
To above three country, need to pay extra shipping cost.

 If ship from UK warehouse to Romania, you need to pay extra shipping cost 50 usd plus the item value 699 usd..
If ship to Spain, i can give you best price .

We suggest to ship by Yanwen shipping from China, You don't need to pay customs fee.
Or ship by DHL from China and declare lower value for lower customs fees.

Best Regards
by Mr.Nsubuga Dowse on May 6, 2020
I have Xhorse 007 manual , it is my only machine for now and use it every day.
I work with hu66, hu83, va2, ne72, and similar euro car. For now I only use 2.5 mm cutter and of course tracer is same size like cutter.
I never have any problems with cuts , and I make few of double sided keys with 2.5mm cutter, all went ok.
by Mr.Nestor Gomez on Mar 30, 2020
no keys, but have key code, Condor DOLPHIN XP007 can make a new key ?
Replied by Emily on Mar 30, 2020
Hi, Dear friend, 
Dolphin XP007 is a manual key cutter. It cannot make all keys lost.
You will need Dolphin XP005 or Condor Mini Plus. Both them can do all keys lost. 
Any questions feel free to contact. 
by Mr.Krisztián Gyula on Mar 18, 2020
I have both xp007 and xp005. All the MB blades I cut with 007 flawless! I first got 005 and then 007.
by Mr.Louis Yankee on Mar 15, 2020
Can dolphin xp007 cut HU101 key ?
Replied by Emily on Mar 15, 2020
Hi, Dear friend, 
Yes, dolphin xp007 can cut HU101 key  (only add key, cannot do all keys lost).
Any questions feel free to contact. 
by Mr.Vickshard Tuner on Mar 15, 2020
It's a great machine but it will only get you so far you will need a code cutting machine like the dolphin xp-005 real quick so I would look into that one first and have the 007 as backup
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