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[EU shipping] New Xhorse Condor XC-002 Pro Manual Key Cutting Machine without Battery Update Version of Condor XC-002

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Product Description

CONDOR XC-002 PRO features an innovative multi-function clamp that can duplicate dimple, double sided, single sided, 4 track external, 2 track external, 4 track internal, channel track keys.
Xhorse Condor XC-002 Pro Manual Key Cutting Machine

PN: XC02P0

Xhorse Condor XC002 PRO is a brand-new replacement on the market. It adopts quick tool change technology to realize quick tool-free replacement of milling cutters and probes, and at the same time ensures that the milling cutter probe is clamped in the center; the multi-angle adjustable multi-function fixture can be adjusted from 0 to 45 degrees , supports various types of keys such as internal milling, external milling, punching, and plum blossom; adopts high-performance and high-power brushless motors, infinitely variable speed, and controls as you like. 

Condor XC002 Pro Features:
  • Aluminum Die-casting chassis
  • Precision Machining
  • Renishaw line detection system
  • Column Cross guide rail
  • 3 year warranty. Lifelong technical support
  • Probes & Cutters Switching Quickly
  • Central Clamping of the Probe & Cutter
  • Internal Cut/ External Cut/ Dimple Key
  • 0~45° Rotatable Clamp
  • High-speed Motor
  • All-Aluminum Body
  • Calibrating Light
  • Micro-adjust Guide
Xhorse Condor XC-002 Pro feature 1

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic design brings users an extraordinary working experience.

Based on deep research on users' operation habits, CONDOR XC-002 PRO has been greatly optimlzed regarding its materlals, handle radian,grip, touch, control, and cutting operation.

With built-in indicator light, you can level the probe and the cutter at ease, An itelligent LCD screen displays the spindle speed for your convenience.

 Xhorse Condor XC-002 Pro feature 2

Multiple Options Available

Multiple gears llow users to adjust the spindle speed in accordance with their needs to elevate efhciency and prolong its service life. 

Standard mode and dimple mode are added to facilitate dimple key and ordinary key cutting.

Support Key Types:
It will duplicate dimple, double sided, single sided, 4 track external, 2 track external, 4 track internal, channel track keys.
Condor XC-002 Pro Support Key Types

Innovative Multi- function Clamp

The multi-function clamp equipped alows for cutting dimple keys of different angles (0- 45). Users can adjust the angle of clamp to finish cutting based on the original key. Currently, CONDOR XC -002 PRO supports duplicating standard single sided, double sided, 4 track external, 2 track extermal, 4 track intemal, channel track, and dimple keys with angles.

 Xhorse Condor XC-002 Pro clamp

Reliable Mechanical Structure

CONDOR XC- -002 PRO is manufactured with reliable mechanical components, ensuring ultra-high precision duplication.

Its Korean-made retainer cage greatly maintains a good running status; Its British Renishaw online testing system spots flawless key cutting locations;

Covered with specialized coating, the cutter made of Japanese raw materials guarantees a long service life.

 Xhorse Condor XC-002 Pro feature 4

Masterful Craftsmanship

At the bottom of the machine, the storage box thoughtuly designed helps users store probes, cutters, and key blades.

The machine body forged by the all- aluminum die casting prooess (thermal treatment) ensures greater stabilty.

All the main components processed by the German- -made DMG CNC machine guarantee high- precision duplicating results.

Probe & Cutters
CONDOR XC-002 PRO offers an easier way to install probes and cutters. There is no need to use an Allen wrench to install the probe and the cutter anymore. What we need to do is simply pull the lock switch to make sure it's unlocked.
xhorse condor xc-002 pro probe
xhorse condor xc-002 pro clamp 1
xhorse condor xc-002 pro clamp 2

Lifelong Free Technical Support

With 'Customer Service' on Xhorse APP, you'll get live and free technical support from a professional and dedicated team to hep you tackle any problems.
Xhorse Condor XC-002 Pro feature 5

Condor XC002 PRO Specification:
Input voltage: 220VAC
Input frequency: 50Hz
Consume: 200W
Package Dimensions: L595xW550xH375mm
Machine Dimensions: L298xW445xH525mm
Spindle Speeds: 8000-10000rpm
Noise Decibel:77dB
Working Temperature: 0-50℃
Humidity: 10-90%
Net Weight: 23Kg
Gross Weight: 28Kg

Package Include

1pc x XHORSE Condor XC-002 PRO main unit
1pc x 1.5mm cutter
1pc x 2.5mm cutter
1pc x probe
1pc x power cord
1pc x clamp 

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Xhorse Condor XC-002 Pro New Features Highlights

Tech Support

Xhorse Condor XC-002 Pro is the 2024 latest manual key cutting machine. The machine is large and massive but simply excellent. When I took it in my hands, I realized that this was the best machine that I had. Now I’ll try to make a quick review for your guys.

xhorse condor xc-002 pro review 1

The clamp is fixed by simply turning. I found there are 3 positions: A/B/C. Once I chose a well position, it’ll just be a convenient distance to the nearest vice. We generally clamp it with just one turn.


And then, what can these vices do? They can cut at any angles.


For example, to cut English-type keys or car keys. Inserted, clamped, set and cut accordingly key wave.


We take similar keys in which they are angular, the holes are made at an angle. The side clamp is suitable for this. We can set the desired angle and start cutting.

xhorse condor xc-002 pro review 2
xhorse condor xc-002 pro review 3
xhorse condor xc-002 pro review 4
xhorse condor xc-002 pro review 5
xhorse condor xc-002 pro review 6

The clamp has a feat on itself and it fixes it from moving like this. This is such a convenient design.


Instead of the usual hexagonal clamp, to replace the cutter, you literally need to put the right one in a second and tighten it back. And the cutter is in.


Here shows the switching mode to the hole pattern.

There’s an adjustment, electronic adjustment, alignment of the cutter, and it even shows which way to turn. Now it shows screw it in. Here, bring it this direction. The green light is on, the cutter is set.


When you work with the keys, you don’t need to turn on and off button. The machine turns on automatically when lowered. The handle here is used to adjust the speed. Handle these quick-release cutters is just the second change. No need to click on or off the button. Just pull the handle down, then it worked and instantly adjust the positions of the vice.


In the planes, you don’t need to unscrew anything to tighten. It’s all done simply with your fingers. It’s very convenient. Everything is cool and the price will also be great.

xhorse condor xc-002 pro review 7
xhorse condor xc-002 pro review 8
xhorse condor xc-002 pro review 9

Besides, there’s something in the side clamp. You can clamp such a key with this one. If it interferes, just insert it to the opposite direction. The clamp is very functional. In principle, most key types can be fit on.


The Condor XC-002 Pro booklet is clear. Here are what we can get from the package: a brush, 1 probe, 2 cutters, several stops and spacers for better clamping.

xhorse condor xc-002 pro review 10
xhorse condor xc-002 pro review 11
xhorse condor xc-002 pro review 12

That’s all today’s review.