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[Ship from UK/US/EU] V7.3.2 Xhorse VVDI2 Full Version (Every Software Activated)

Hot Sale [Ship from UK/US/EU] V7.3.2 Xhorse VVDI2 Full Version (Every Software Activated)

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VVDI2 all actived authorizations includes all 13 authorization for VVDI2 at present: BMW OBD, CAS4, BMW FEM, VAG 4TH, 5TH, ID48 96bit, ID48 OBDII, PSA, Porsche, MQB, transponder programmer, J2534, prepare toyota h chip.
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by Mr.Humphrey Rivera on Feb 20, 2023
Since I have Vvdi2 tool, I can give you some information about the tool. Vvdi2 full gives you key programmer for VAG via obd. 4th and 5th immo works good. Reading old dashes and immo boxes via obd is working. Also gives you options for BMW key programming via eeprom and OBD. I would recommend the eeprom version... OBD is not always safe... The Porsche is also there (eeprom) + Peugeot/ Citroen key learning via OBD. Transponder programmer is a nice Feature. It does key programming via eeprom. It has a lot of features like tango, but some of them are not working. Xhorse remote database is available and it works fine with Xhorse remotes.
by Mr.Aivaras Miliūnas on May 30, 2022
Cas4 done via Obd Vvdi2 11mins 13.5v support
by Mr.Tumell Henry on Apr 28, 2022
I just did a 13 beetle that took about 5 minutes with the vvdi2, it was a Bosch ecu.
by Mr.Walter Castillo on Oct 6, 2021
Se puede modificar km a VW toureg 2015 con Vvdi2
by Mr.Ricky Street on May 26, 2021
I never have issue with RangeRover KVM dump and original remotes. Every time VVDI2 worked flawless.
by Mr.Giedrius Packa on May 23, 2021
I have done a cas4 with vvdi2 no problem by obd2 less than 10 min
by Mr. kostadin geshev on May 21, 2021
Replied by Emily on May 21, 2021
Hello, Dear,

by Mr. kostadin geshev on May 21, 2021
by Mr.Juho Makela on May 17, 2021
Today 2013 Polo diesel in AKL , 1 minute job made OEM dealer key with 1 token car start without PROGRAMMING the key , i just use OBD Helper data ... Tool work fine on POLO diesel
by SHEIK BACCHUS on May 10, 2021

I have a problem with my vvdi2, it’s in Chinese and I can’t generate remotes.
Could you please help me?

Thank you!
Replied by Emily on May 10, 2021
Hello, Dear,

pls give us serial number and your country to activate to English GL version

Best Regards
by Mr. dmajooo on Apr 29, 2021
I had golf 7 mqb dash JC Adding key blade not proximity , vvdi2 not support to read this dash , used obdhelper to obtain data and then all done by vvdi2
by Mr. kostadin geshev on Feb 4, 2021
WHY DOESN'T IT WORK Mitsubishi padjero 2000-68HC805
Replied by sophy on Feb 4, 2021
Hi,my friend
Which exact item doesn't work ? and what's the exact problem ?
Can you show us the screeshot of the exact problem so that I can check with our technical staff ?
Best wishes

by Mr.Khider Azhari on Dec 27, 2020
2013 Boxster with BCM mcu 5m48h OBD key learn with dump success. Read p and d flash okay with backup option
by Mr.Ameer Hasan on Dec 25, 2020

2013 Boxster bcm 5m48h akl. Read dump and obd learn. Don't put diode back in backwards.
by Mr.Dominique on Dec 23, 2020
can vvdi2 full support edit ISN in CAS3+?
Replied by sophy on Dec 23, 2020
No,it can not.
Best wishes

by Mr.ALAIN MARTIN on Dec 17, 2020
les menus du vvdi 2 sont ils en Français sur le vvdi 2 ?
merci de votre réponse
by Mr.Kulgar Yan on Dec 4, 2020
the funtion remove protection components  work ?
Yesterday I tried to remove that protection to ecu airbag audi a4 b9 but it did not work, I did not connect
Replied by Emily on Dec 4, 2020
Hi, Dear friend, 
Sorry, VVDI2 cannot remove protection components.
Any questions feel free to contact.
by Mr.Jamie Shaw on Nov 24, 2020
Hi,is it possible to fix the eeprom of a cas 3+ with vvdi2?
Replied by sophy on Nov 24, 2020
Hi,my friend
Sorry, can't do it.
Best wishes

by Mr.Bradleyer on Nov 18, 2020
How can i get toyota h chip authorization?
Replied by sophy on Nov 18, 2020
Hello,my friend
How about your vvdi2 version?
If full one,you can get toyota h function free.
Any question,pls feel free to contact me.
Best wishes

by Mr.Harrison on Nov 17, 2020
Great! Very happy with my purchase. Highly recommended!!!
Replied by sophy on Nov 17, 2020
Hi,my friend
Thanks for your nice feedback to our products.
Hope we would have more and more business from now on.
Any question,pls feel free to contact us.
Best wishes

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