What is the Door Shipping fee?

The shipping fee depends on:

◆ Item's weight and package size by reference to the destination. The calculation results are different under the same weight in different area.

◆ Different areas. Usually, the shipping fee to Amercan, Western Europe is lower than to other country.
Kindly note: If your shipping address is remote area, we will ship items to you by EMS instead of DHL. Because EMS service has no remote area. If you go on using  DHL service, you will have to pay the extra remote fee.

◆ Different rates of the shipping companies and are subject to change without notice. We're constantly working on lowering the shipping prices for you though!

◆ The shipping method you choose. we suggest you to choose one that best meets your demands on price and delivery time.

Where shows the shipping fee to your door on our Site?

Here is an example:


If you cannot find your shipping cost by the above way, or you want drop ship to other countrieis, you can also do like this:

1) click "Add to Cart"
2) choose the right country as the picture show, then you will see the shipping cost: