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[US/UK/EU/RU/CZ Ship] V5.1.7 Original Xhorse VVDI PROG VVDI-Prog ECU Programmer Frequently Free Update

[US/UK/EU/RU/CZ Ship] V5.1.7 Original Xhorse VVDI PROG VVDI-Prog ECU Programmer Frequently Free Update

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  • Item No. HKSK177
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Original Xhorse VVDI Prog Programmer Free Update Online Support Multi-Languages.
Free Shipping from UK/US/RU/Czech, No Tax.
Reader Tool for Immobilizer, ECU & Airbag

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by Mr.Pedro Santos on May 5, 2022
BCM2 Audi S5 NEC D70F3381 + 95320 cloning succesfully with VVDI Prog.
by Audrius Kimtys on Apr 24, 2022
Hi, can you ship from EU, I've made payment, Order S/N: VF22042497371, Thanks!
Replied by Emily on Apr 24, 2022
Hello, Dear,


We shipped from Eu warehouse to you.

Best Regards
by Mr.Kamil on Jan 11, 2022
Hello please check ST95160 on 5.1.0 vvdiprog. read is ok but write is problem. Don't want. Best Regards Kamil
Replied by Emily on Jan 11, 2022
Hello, Dear,

Can you kindlygive us the picture of the error notice.
Let me check with engineer.

Best Regards
by Mr.Brandon Dills on May 10, 2021
Interesting and solid device, carrying out some quite advanced attacks.
by Andrew Kraus on Apr 14, 2021
Hi can you kindly send me the link
thank you, Prog Programmer Latest Software Version: V5.0.1 Update
Replied by Emily on Apr 14, 2021
Hello, Dear,


Best Regards
by Reference Laboratories on Apr 8, 2021
V5.0.1 Original Xhorse VVDI PROG can read/write EDC17C55 WITHOUT OPENING ?
Replied by Emily on Apr 8, 2021
​​Hello, Dear,

S​orry. Can not support

​Best Regards
Whatsapp: +86 13559259147 
by Mr.Peter Reese on Jan 6, 2021
I have vvdi2 for one week ,but vvdiprog for 1 year.I've been messing with FRM, CAS, EIS from mercedes , works FLAWLESS , fast , reliable,clear images ,easy to work with.
by Mr.Tim Brinkopf on Jan 6, 2021
After 1 year of usage i can tell it worth every penny.
It s good on 9s12 and others,the down size is that it doen not came with all adapters and if you but the whole adapters you can easily pass 1000 $ .
by Mr.Darrell Andrew on Jan 6, 2021
i used this vvdiprog from first software version and work fine,good programmer and update is free every month
by Mr.VYCHESLAV on Aug 15, 2020
VVDI Prog PCF79xx Remote Unlock Files ?
Replied by Emily on Aug 16, 2020
Hello, Dear,

 Free Download VVDI Prog PCF79xx Remote Unlock Files
  (Unlock File may damage key. You are on your own risk)

Best Regards
by Mr.Adam Lucas on Aug 9, 2020
He came very quickly. Made two bcm2 Audi, very satisfied with the device and seller. 

by Mr.Chaveiro Ocian on Aug 6, 2020
Hi, will vvdi prog erase Mercedes keys with Motorola processor (1997-2000)?
Replied by Emily on Aug 6, 2020
Hi, Dear friend, 
Sorry,  vvdi prog cannoto erase Mercedes keys with Motorola processor. It is an eeprom programmer..
Any questions feel free to contact us.
by Mr.Louis Yankee on Jul 29, 2020
How well are these doing cas4 for km correction does mcu still require heating?
Replied by Emily on Jul 29, 2020
Hi, Dear friend,
No need for heating. Works fine. Never bricked one yet
Any further questions please feel free to contact us.
Best regards!
by sean zarrinkouh on Jul 5, 2020
im trying to dowload prog and mb but i cant
Replied by Emily on Jul 5, 2020
Hello, Dear,

Why can not ?
password is  123456

Pls close anti-virus software

Best Regards
Whatsapp: +86 13559259147 
by Vitaliy on Jun 19, 2020
Thank. Works
Best Regards
by Oscar M on Jun 1, 2020
why not work software download link? 4.9.4
Replied by Emily on Jun 2, 2020
by Mr.Ahmed Esmail on May 11, 2020
have success of vvdiprog on win 10
make folder c:\VVDI and put all files/folders in there that are in the rar file
also make exception in antivirus program for that folder... else it will delete vvdi.exe
again, don't forget windows defender!
by Mr.Axel Maier on Apr 8, 2020
Hi, i see that VVDI can do a lot of Bosch ECU, i was wondering if it correct checksum too, thanks
Replied by Emily on Apr 8, 2020
Hello, Dear,


May not support

Best Regards
by Mr.Greg Holmes on Apr 7, 2020
possible to write vin 2015 g63 AMG med17.7.3 ecu with vvdiprog
Replied by Emily on Apr 7, 2020
Hi, Dear friend,
VVDI prog will read  med17.7.3 ecu, but cannot write this ecu.
You will need bosch ecu adapter as well.
Any questions feel free to contact us.
by Mr.Mitchel Warren on Mar 28, 2020
Is the VVDI Prog compatible it windows 10?
Replied by Emily on Mar 28, 2020
Hi, Dear friend,
Yes it is, also work on 64x system.
Any questions feel free to contact us.
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