Reward Points Exchange

How to get Reward Points?
Once you purchase on, you will get certain points, 1 USD=1point. Our system will calculate your points automatically, and it is for your every order.

How to exchange the points?
At first, let us explain "exchange" for you: That's to say, if you use your points to exchange the discount, you get the discount, at the meanwhile, your will consume the relevant poits.

Here is the detailed list for you:


Times: every rate discount (Or the coupon code) can be used 10 times.

Here are two options to get discount with your points:

Option one:
Just click promotional code you will see the option to redeem points, then choose your discount. For example, if you have ordered an item of 500 usd on our site last time, then you can get a discount off 2% with your 500 points this time. you can just choose a discount of 2% and click Apply, then you will get 2% discount for this order.

Option two:
You can directly enter the coupon code on the dialog. For 1000 points, you can directly input cyfn then click the Apply button. Then you will get 4% discount.