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AUDI C6 Q7 A6 Steering Module Repair J518 ELV Emulator with VVDI Prog Dedicated Programming Cable

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2 ELV Emulator: SO536 AUDI C6 Q7 A6 Steering Module Repair J518 ELV Emulator with VVDI Prog Dedicated Programming Cable
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Product Description

AUDI C6 Q7 A6 Steer Module J518 ELV Module Emulator with VVDI Dedicated programming cable applied to repair the AUDI sixth Gen A6 Q7 Audi C6 steering column lock J518 ELV module failure replacement emulator.
AUDI C6 Q7 A6 Steering Module J518 ELV Emulator with VVDI Dedicated Programming Cable

Highlight for Audi Steering Module J518 ELV Emulator:
1. Universal solution, three types MCU all can replaced by this emulator.
(replace MCU Mask: 1L59W, 3L40K, 0L01Y);

2. Stable and durable, No Vulnerable components such as relays, microswitch and motors on it.
3. Easy for replacing, write in the dump form original J518 Module with the WVDI PROG dedicated line directly, No need solder wire.

The emulator without lock or on lock function, if need the same function as the original J518 Module, please buy the J518 Replacement
The VVDI PROG dedicated programming cable connector here is only for programming the emulator board, not for original J518 PCB board.
so if you have a car which need replace the J518 module with this emulator, you need read out the data in the MCU by soldering wire or other methods, then write the data into the emulator MCU via this Dedicated cable connector.

Please note:
1.Only need to write EEprom data, no need write other data like flash.etc.
2.Please choose only the "j518(2010-)0L01Y"
in VVDI Prog software, no matter your car model before 2010 or after.
vvdi prog j518(2010-)0L01Y

Change steps:

1. Read out the EEPROM data from the original J518 module of your car (the emulator was already with flash data)
2. Write the EEPROM data you got in Step 1 into the emulator (if the original J518 MCU mask is 0L01Y, write the EEPROM data you got from step1 into the emulator directly;
or if the MCU mask of the original J518 is 1L59W/3L40K, you need to send EEPROM data to an expert to transfer EEPROM data when you write into the emulator directly. We don't provide the service)
the J518 replacement PCB
Free download J518 Flash that is in the emulator

Package includes:

1pc x AUDI C6 Q7 A6 J518 ELV Module Emulator with VVDI programming cable

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Tech Support

Here is the AUDI C6 Q7 A6 Steering Module Repair J518 ELV Emulator 256,128 simulate board operation instruction.


Do backup original eeprom data in case of lost data before operation. Read and save data.


If your car ELV has 9S12DG 128 CPU, the operation steps are as follows.


9S12DG 128 CPU operation steps:

1.Read and backup original EEPROM data.

2. Paste EEPROM data to EEPROM 2K-4K folder.


Double-click EEPROM Converter-x86 application.

write audi j518 elv emulator vvdi prog 1

You will see the original 2K file converted to 4K.

You will see the file is 4K

write audi j518 elv emulator vvdi prog 2

write audi j518 elv emulator vvdi prog 3

Only double-click this program once. Do not repeat.

If 2k file does not contvert to 4K, right click and run EEPROM Converter-x86 as asministor


3. Connect flashing wire and write the converted 4k eeprom file.

For simulator chip 256, select J518(2010)(0L01Y) in vvdi prog software

write audi j518 elv emulator vvdi prog 4

Each ELV emulator board contains both eeprom data and FLSAH data, so usually you just need to write Eeprom data. If not, you can write original eeprom data and the FLASH data in the emulator.


If car ELV has 9S12DG 256 CPU, the operation steps are as follows.

Read out and save the original eeprom data, and write it directly to the simulator.

without horn wiring connection

red (thick) =VCC

black (thick) =GND

yellow =RST

purple =BKGD

green =XCLKS

White =CLK

black (fine) =GND-C

write audi j518 elv emulator vvdi prog 5

with horn wiring connection

follow same wiring diagram as without horn above

write audi j518 elv emulator vvdi prog 6

With the VVDI Prog Dedicated Programming Cable, you can connect ELV emulator without soldering, directly insert into the 20pin port.



Better put J518 ELV emulator to car after write data.

In the test platform test, better check the wiring of 20Pin port. Some test platforms will conflict with the 20pin port which leads to the chip being corrupted.


Error wiring: 10 (red) should be in position 20 (blue), as shown in the figure.

write audi j518 elv emulator vvdi prog 7