How to exchange Xhorse 200 Points to 1 Token?

Instruction to exchange xhorse mb key bonus points to mb tokens:

1) you pull bonus points from key and upload to system with vvdi mercedes

2) you create username by clicking “binding” button in “xhorse upgrade kit” software, it will also link ur device to that account

3) Download xhorse app (both android and ios versions available) and login there with account you created (if u created account with phone number, when logging in in xhorse app do not change country code(!))

4) in xhorse app press tokens, then place order to exchange points to tokens. 

You need token for VVDI MB online password calculation. To exchange points for tokens you need :

1) Registered Xhorse APP

2) Open app from Mobile phone / tablet and click BONUS points



If you want to check all your points from each device and connected device click



3) To exchange points , go to Points and Select device

4) Click (+) to add tokens (200points = 1 token)


5) confirm


6) Select your dealer , confirm exchange points and confirm your choice