Xhorse XSKF21EN Universal Smart Key Memoeial Knife Style 4BTN 1pc

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Product Description

Xhorse Universal Smart Proximity Key fob XSKF21EN VVDI Memoeial Knife Style-4BTN.

 Xhorse XSKF21EN VVDI Universal Smart Key Memoeial Knife Style-4BTN

Each XSKF21EN can get 60 Bonus Points when first using
1. It's a VVDI Knife Style-4BTN-remote-limited edition.
2. Gorgeous Design, Extraordinary Touch Feeling!

Button: 4 Buttons
Transponer: Yes
Battery: No
Battery Model: CR2032

VVDI Knife Style-4BTN-remote-limited edition

VVDI Knife Style-4BTN-remote-limited edition display:
VVDI Knife Style-4BTN 1
VVDI Knife Style-4BTN 2
VVDI Knife Style-4BTN 3
VVDI Knife Style-4BTN 4

Wired remote:
 XK series, Packed in red, With socket, No chip, 25 bonus points gained
Wireless remoteXN series, Packed in blue, NXP chip, 40 bonus points gained
Super remoteXE series, Packed in purple, Super chip XT 27, 40 bonus points gained 
Smart remoteXS series, Packed in orange, Smart chip keyless go, 60 bonus points gained

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