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Product Description

VVDI key TOOL 1: Support transponder copying/clone 2: Identify almost transponder in market 3: Support re-programming almost transponder in market 4: New remote re-generating / new remote making

XHORSE VVDI Key Tool Remote Maker Add Europe cars

Newest software Version: V3.2.3
Newest hardware Version: V3.2.3

This is the EU version, can more EU version cars
If you need to order the NA version(language:English), please order the SK203-B1.

Free download Xhorse Update Kit

Great News from Xhorse VVDI Key Tool 
VAG48 96bit Cloning System Release at April 1st
Open it, will get 1500 free points for calculations
Notice:If you have open the VVDI2 VAG48 96 bit activations ,you can combinate VVDI Key tool + VVDI2, 
then your VVDI Key tool can clone 48 as well

Great News from Xhorse
Keytool user can order the Clone 48 96bit function since April.1st
1500 free points for calculations , this same as VVDi2 
Since 1.04.2018 all users who have 48 96 bit activations in VVDI2 can combinate Keytool + VVDI2 and use Keytool to clone 48 as well

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool supports most common remote types in the market; it is reliable and easy to use. VVDI key tool can perform these functions:
edit transponder, clone transponder, test frequency, clone Remote, generate remote, generate garage door remote controller, unlock smart card etc.
In a word, Xhorse VVDI Key Tool is a device with multi-functions. 


Transponder Generation:
Write most common transponder available in the market including 36, 46, 47, 60, 70

Transponder cloning:
Support 46 42 11 12 4D

Frequency & power tester:
Frequency test of 27-900 MHZ
Power test 300-450 MHZ

Remote cloning:
Rolling code & Fixed code

Generate remote:
More than 400 FCC ID types

Generate Garage door remote:
More than 100 types

Unlock OEM remotes:
NXP keyless & Prox Remotes

Support model list for ID48 cloning on VVDI KEY TOOL
VVDI KeyTool Specifications:
LCD Size 2.4'
Display 240*320
Battery Voltage 3.6~4.2V
Battery Capacity >2500mhA
Charge Voltage 4.5~6.5V
Charge Current <1000mhA
Working Time

Latest software refer to the update kit.  Newest now is v3.2.3

VVDI Key Tool V3.2.3 (2019-05-30)

1. Please use latest Xhorse Upgrade Kit Ver1.5.3 to update Keytool firmware and remote offline-database
2. Please update your Xhorse APP to latest version V1.5.0
1. Add VVDI SuperChip XT27 generate and clone( support 7935 46 47 49 48 8E 4D 4E 4C 8A 8C 11 12 13 etc.)
2. Add Toyota H generate and clone online using VVDI Super Chip XT27(Needs Xhorse APP version V1.5.0)
3. Add SuperChip-remote generate function(remote and transponder prepared at same time)
4. Fix some UI bugs.

VVDI Key Tool V2.4.1 (2018-07-30)

1.Add VVDI universal smart key(PROX) generate.  
2.Add PSA renew.  
3.Fix remote frequency test.  
4.Optimize remote clone.  
5.Optimize ID48/ID46 transponder clone. 
VVDI Key Tool V2.2.2 (2018-02-03)
1.Repair and improve 96 bit 48 data acquiation
2.Repair and improve ID48 read and write

VVDI Key Tool V1.2.8(2017-04-26)
+ Remote Renew 
-8k0959754-C (Does not turn on the LED light of the remote) - Possibility Incorrect firmware
-8k0959754-J (Does not turn on the LED light of the remote) - Possibility Incorrect firmware
-8k0959754-D (LED light is OK) - Not tested yet in car
-Hyundai (Do not detail model)
* Sure some models like F series, will not work, like to passed with VVDIprog. And Audi see error in the (C and J).
+ Remote Prepare. V4
-Iden KEYDIE - (PCF7947) None Remote.

VVDI Key Tool V1.2.7(2017-04-02)
*Must be used 2.1.2 version upgrade software to update the firmware
*Must be used [fixed] function to update the firmware
1 fixed the remoter database damaged bug
2 fixed the internal firmware damaged bug 
3 fixed the remoter clone bug
4 added the calculation of hundyai keylessgo password

VVDI Remote Maker V1.2.6 (2017-3-25)
1, repair the 46 clone bug on part of models
2, add TPX3(ID46) in clone transponder list
3, add to view the ID46 detail data in TP-clone dialog(after clone success,press [right] button to check data)
4, fixed bug of 4d clone
5, fixed part of the fixed code clone bug
6, add the special clone function for part of remoter
7, add fixed code edit function
8, add sort car brand in remote generate function 
9, fixed some UI bug

VVDI-Key Tool V1.2.5(2017-2-23)
1,support clone PCF7936/46,TIRIS-4D(40-bit) 4C,PCF7935(ID33 ID42),T5(11 12 13);
2,support to edit 48 46 4d 7935 & common transponder 
3,support to make special transponder image such as TP23 TP24 ID33 ID40 ID42 ID44 ID46 ID60 ID67 and so on;
4,support to generate hundreds of key model
5,support to clone most of fixed code and Keeloq roll code remote key,such as pt2240,lx918,hcs30x and so on;
6,support to measure the key's frequency & power

VVDI Key Tool English Version Package :

1* VVDI Key Tool remote maker main unit
5* Remotes keys
2* Programming cable
1* Remote renew cable
1* USB cable
2* Transponder storage box
1* Key blank storage box

How to Update VVDI Key Tool Software?

Select "Update" option on function menu
Go to VVDI KEY Tool SYS Set to update
Connect remote maker with PC via a USB cable
Click "Update Online" button to start upgrade
Wait for update completed

VVDI Key Tool Unlocking Coverage:

Below is a list of FCC ID Numbers and basic descriptions of the “Keys” that the VDDI Key Tool can unlock as of Firmware Version 2.4.2 (Version 2.4.2 would be loaded to the VVDI Key Tool by the Xhorse Upgrade Kit)

Audi / VW

PCB1 433 MHz:  8T0959754

PCB1 315 MHz:  8T0959754A

PCB1 868 MHz:  8T0959754D

PCB1 433 MHz:  8T0959754F

PCB2 433 MHz:  8T0959754

PCB2 868 MHz:  8T0959754D

PCB2 433 MHz:  8T0959754F

PCB2 315 MHz:  8T0959754G

PCB2 315 MHz:  4H0959754G

PCB2 886 MHz:  4H0959754K

PCB2 315 MHz:  4G0959754G

PCB2 868 MHz:  4G0959754K

PCB3 433 MHz:  4H0959754DA

PCB3 315 MHz:  4H0959754DB

PCB3 868 MHz:  4H0959754DD

IMMO 5TH Generation Key






E Series 868 MHz Remote:  5WK49125

E Series 315 MHz Remote:  5WK49127

E Series 868 MHz Smartkey:  5WK49145

E Series 315 MHz Smartkey:  5WK49147

F Series 868 MHz Continental:  5WK49661

F Series 315 MHz Continental:  5WK49663

F Series 433 MHz Continental:  5WK49662

F Series 868 MHz Huff:  HUF5661

F Series 315 MHz Huff:  HUF5662

F Series 433 MHz Huff:  HUF5663

F Series 433 MHz Huff:  HUF5667

Huff-F Series 868 MHz

Huff-F Series 434 MHz



4 Button 315 MHz: F7952E

5 Button 315 MHz:  F7952E

5 Button 433 MHz:  F7952E

4 Button 433 MHz:  F7952E

3 Button 433 MHz:  F7952E

3 Button:  A2C53360923


Chrysler , Dodge, Jeep






IYZ-C01C M3N5W783X

IYZ-CO1C Smartkey

GQ4-53T Hitag2


GQ4-54T AES Prox


M3M Hitag2



Kia, Hyundai













Land Rover

433 MHz:  5E0U40247

433 MHz:  YWX000061

433 MHz:  YWX000071



2 Button:  JX331BB1002A

3 Button:  JX331BB1002A



433 MHz:  G8D-644M-KEY



315 MHz Hitag2:  A2C53188764

315 MHz Hitag2:  A2C53297341

433 MHz Hitag3:  A2C53405173

433 MHz AES Smartkey 3 Button:  A232801600-C24

433 MHz AES Smartkey 4 Button:  AC2C32801600-E12 

433 MHz AES Smartkey 5 Button:  AC2C32800800

Hitag2 Smartkey 2 Button:  CWTWB1U825



433 MHz:  7PP959753BN

433 MHz:  7PP959753BS

315 MHz:  7PP959753BM

315 MHz:  7PP959753BQ

433 MHz:  7PP959753AJ



900 MHz Smartkey:  5WK49266

433 MHz Smartkey:  5WK49269

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