VVDI MB BGA Tool “Cannot find erase password” Solution


I am repairing Mercedes esl by using VVDI MB BGA Tool key programmer, but this is giving error in this process.

Error “Cannot find erase password”



Internet connection required when calculating key password using VVDI MB.



VVDI MB Tool software V2.1.6 highlights:
Easy steps for re-matching ESL after Formatting or matching Xhorse ESL/ELV Emulator without any need for getting Erase Pass or taking the risk of Rewriting EIS via IR any more 
Via EIS Dialogue
1- Read EIS
2-Get key pass normally as if you are adding key
3- Save with key pass
4- Open ESL dialogue
5- Use Load VVDI MB EIS data
6- Tick Auto Clear
7- Write to ESL
8- Done