Xhorse VVDI BMW Tool Test and Feedback

An increasing number of users have Xhorse VVDI BMW tool, so I'd like to put together its test reports good and bad, wish help more people who are interested in Xhorse VVDI BMW.


vvdi bmw tool Ok list...

  1. Support instrument cluster memory M35080 v6 - done


  1. I was able to connect and code the test kit I built with cas3, kgm, kombi, ahl, where communication is via d-can cable. I was able to code two controllers and program the meter. In fact, before these activities, the program downloaded data from the internet. Today I tried to connect to E83 and failed, and should also code this car. We managed to change the mileage in CAS3 + through obd and change the mileage from read m35080v6 memory. For now, I have not tried to do more on the car.


  1. Key programming in 2004 E60 with CAS2 successful.


  1. I think that key programming is well done because vvdi2 has had CAS3 ++ keys for a long time.


  1. Got the vvdi bmw tool and for now I did two keys - one for E63 CAS2 and second for E87 CAS2. Both without problem, 3-4 minutes job, but actually, this is no big achievement .

In F15 it reads FA and coding properly, but can't recode. Also, after loading dump from EWS3 it shows that mileage is 0km - of course not so big problem.


  1. I've read ISN from MSD80 from 2008 E92 335i US. Not thru OBD port, but by doing little harness on bench like in diagram.



vvdi bmw tool failure list...


Currently it is not possible to code or read the FA car of the 2004 E60.
But the 2009 car from CAS3 was able to be read from FA

Can identify car, but reading FA/VO fails. Entering FA manually shows only blank tables. Tried on bench setup with cas3++