Tips to Renew E F series key with VVDI key tool

VVDI key tool renewed an E F series key. It can start car but it lost frequency, how to solve? I think it now explains why my renewed keys have no remote lock unlock!!


How-to’s of renewing E F series key:

I try and pcf adapter and in circuit.
The adapter does not detect my chip in the adapter and erases and uploads the eeprom and erom in the circuit but there is no frequency all the time.
My adapter has a 0 ohm resistor.
I do everything through the MCU option as they recommend because the option REMOTE-> BMW-> F series receives a message that the file is of a different size than the memory.
I did through files for HUF and Continental.
I write with VVDI prog and my PCF is 7953.

You must write first Erom and next eeprom.
And this solution not change frequency.
You need to upload files only with which the key was originally.