Condor XC-Mini vs. Condor Mini Plus vs. Condor Dolphin

Topic: the advantages and disadvantage of three key cutting machines CONDOR MINI, Xhorse CONDOR MINI Plus & CONDOR Dolphin. And more focus on their target users and the working environment.


Part 1: Xhorse CONDOR XC-MINI Plus is way better than CONDOR XC-MINI.


  1. Has brand new internal PCB.


  1. The adjustable screen comes with 3 specifications, which allows the user to adjust the screen to the appropriate height and prevent the problem of reflection in the sun.


  1. The cutting chips protection cover is added to prevent the key debris from entering the inside of the machine, and the short circuit is avoided after the power is turned on (the position of the Condor Mini protection cover is open and cannot be guaranteed)


  1. Has bigger dust cover and larger bottom tray, which is more secure than CONDOR XC-MINI.


  1. There is an opening at the bottom of the device, and there is also a receiving tray for receiving debris, which increases the protection mechanism and prolongs the service life of the device.


Seeing is believing, please look at the following images:


Group 1 . adjustable screen VS unmovable screen

Image 1: Xhorse Condor Mini plus : with adjustable screen.


Image 2: Xhorse Condor XC-Mini comes with unmovable screen.



Group 2: cutting chips protection cover Yes & No

Image 3: Condor Mini plus has cutting chips protection cover.



Image 4: Xhorse Condor Mini doesn’t have cutting chips protection cover, the hands can reach in.



Group 3: larger tray VS smaller tray.

Image 5: Condor Mini plus has larger tray.



Image 6: Condor Mini has smaller tray.


Image 7: The gap between the movable part and the Condor MINI machine is large



Part 2: CONDOR MINI Plus VS CONDOR Dolphin

CONDOR MINI Plus wins Condor Dolphin in:

  1. a longer mechanical life
  2. more accurate key cutting
  3. with 3 million electric shocks, CONDOR MINI Plus has bigger power.


Image 8: Has cut 75190 keys continually 


Condor Dolphin XP005 features:

  1. No display screen
  2. Match key via APP running with a Android /IOS phone or PAD.


Condor Dolphin Pros:

  1. Cheaper price than CONDOR MINI Plus (Price for reference: Condor Dolphin $1,950, CONDOR MINI Plus $3,099)


  1. Lighter weight and easy to take when going out to cut the keys.


  1. Share as the same Clamp as CONDOR MINI Plus.


  1. Support all keys lost: you can connect APP to check, the database of all keys lost is as the same as CONDOR MINI Plus. Note: please ensure the network is connected.


  1. Dolphin has built-in lithium battery that can be fully charged in 3 hours. When the battery is full, it can cut 20 keys continuously, if not cut key, it has long standby time.


Condor Dolphin use note:

The protective cover is small, to prevent debris from flying upwards, there is a need to bring goggles.


Image 9: the left one is CONDOR Dolphin, the right one is CONDOR MINI Plus.