How to change a phone number binding on Xhorse VVDI2?

If you require a new phone number to be bound the Xhorse VVDI2, how to do? If VVDI2 is bound with a new number, the bonus points will be cleared out? engineer will answer you one by one:

The answer is yes, you are allowed to change a new phone number bound on the Xhorse VVDI2. And yes, the bonus points will be as long as your account has device.

There are 3 steps to change the phone number bound on Xhorse VVDI2:

  1. Register one new user account.
  2. Login the old user account, give bonus points to the new account (Please make sure there is one or more devices activated, only then can new account obtain the bonus points)
  3. The devices will be unbounded from the old device one by one, and bound to the new account.


Attach 3 images of giving bonus points to others: