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V7.7 Xhorse BMW Multi Tool OBD2 CAS1/2/3/4/CAS4+ Key Programmer Get Free Encrypted BMW CAS4

V7.7 Xhorse BMW Multi Tool OBD2 CAS1/2/3/4/CAS4+ Key Programmer Get Free Encrypted BMW CAS4

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Newest V7.7 Xhorse BMW Multi Tool OBD2 Key Programmer
1. Support BMW CAS 1 CAS2 CAS3 CAS3+ CAS4 CAS4+ key programming
2. It can operate by OBD2 port, provide great convenient for customer who need to match new BMW keys.
3. With BMW CAS4 adapter, it can also support BMW CAS4 programming.

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by Mr.David Sarkin on May 15, 2018
I purchased a unit used from Amazon. Who or where can I get customer or technical support?
by Mr.Steve on Sep 8, 2017

What's exactly in this Set? On your pictures CAS 4 Adapter and Programmer is within. But in description you write that adapter is needed to buy extra. Can you tell me what's in the package now?

And second. On your picture CAS 2 Old grey does not support key programming via OBDII only via CAS Plug. With never version, is it possible to create key via OBDII or not?

Or do I have to buy this when I want to have CAS4 support?

Replied by Emily on Sep 13, 2017
Hello, Dear,

1. For this item, it includes the BMW MULTI TOOL and CAS4 Adapter. You needs only to buy the cas plug.

The BMW Multi Tool needs the cas4 adapter to work together for CAS4

2. The BMW MULTI TOOL can not update later because limit of hardware.
It can not support by OBD, later still can not support by OBD.

You can have a look of this item VVDI2 bmw version can totally replace the BMW MULTI TOOL:

Best Regards

by Mr.Gretty Crocker on Sep 8, 2017
Replied by Emily on Sep 8, 2017
Hello,Dear friend,
Pls directly update your BMW MULTI TOOL to V7.7.
 BMW Multi Tool V7.7 Software download link
Best Regards
by Mr.Peter Sariovski on Jun 12, 2017
Bmw Multi tool v7.7
Can Support read/write eeprom (full dump) of cas3+ 0M23S ??
Replied by Emily on Jun 12, 2017
Hello,Dear friend,
Bmw Multi tool can suport some CAS3+, not all.
If can not read by BMW Multi tool, you can use vvdi prog to help to work together.
Best regards.
by Kamil M on Jun 7, 2017
Do you have a BMW Multi Tool available?
I wanted to buy from other sellers but they claim that the factory has a problem.
Now I found your store. Can I buy a BMW Multi Tool at your shop?
Replied by Emily on Jun 8, 2017

You can buy BMW Multi Tool from us.
It is all ok and still popular in customers.

The only problem is BMW MULTI Tool can not update anymore because of limite of firmware.

So factory has VVDI 2 that can totally replace the BMW MULTI TOOL.

If you have any questions, pls feel free to contact us.

Best Regards

by Mr.Gabriel on May 31, 2017
I need to know if it will make a new key for a car with CAS 3. Does it work with all CAS 3?
Replied by Emily on Jun 1, 2017
Hello, Dear Mr.Gabriel,

The BMW MULTI TOOL can support the CAS 3, but not all cas3.
The firmware now can not update.

Best Regards
by Mr.krbl on Mar 2, 2017
I have this tool.
V7.7 Xhorse BMW Multi Tool
whether the company VVDI remember about their customers?

lack of updates for two years. :(
Why you forget about the update?

Replied by Emily on Mar 6, 2017
Hello,Dear friend,

Sorry. This item now stops updating now..
The VVDI 2 can replace it..

If you have VVDI, you can return back VVDI and BMW Multi Tool back to exchange to VVDI2.

Best Regards
by Mr.Angel Marie on Aug 31, 2016
I have the multi toolv7.7, I am having trouble updating. every time I try to update device I get" cannot connect to update server" " device update failed"
Replied by Emily on Aug 31, 2016
Hello,Dear friend,
We already asked our engineer to to check the sever.
Pls wait for some time.
Best Regards
by Gerald Gamble on Jul 29, 2016
hi, can you ship the package by TNT?
Replied by Emily on Aug 5, 2016
Hello,Dear friend,

After you placed an order, pls note us.

Best Regards
by Carlos alvarado on May 20, 2016
could you send me price for your programmer for cas4
Replied by Emily on May 31, 2016
Hello,Dear friend,
You can see this link:
Best Regards
by Mr.Paige Hanzlicek on Apr 8, 2016
Hello! Can you help me? I want to buy BMW device. What's better: "BMW autorization for vvdi2" or "BMW Multi Tool Plus CAS4 Adapter For BMW" ?
Replied by Emily on May 13, 2016
Hello,Dear friend,
If you only want to do BMW cars, you can buy the BMW MULTI TOOL. Much cheaper!
VVDI2 supports most BMW,VAG and remotes.
Best Regards
by Mr.Admiral Schmickover on Mar 26, 2016
Hi dear please don't send my order. I want to change with vvdi2
I think it is better for me
Replied by Emily on Mar 29, 2016
Hello,Dear friend,
It is OK.
DHL already returned the package.
You can only pay us the price difference of VVDI2.
Best Regards
by Mr.J. Raz on Mar 18, 2016
Do I need to update online or is it fully updated?
Replied by Emily on Mar 23, 2016
Hello,Dear friend,
The machine needs to updated online.
You can download the newest software from our website.
Best Regards
by Wade Wong on Mar 11, 2016
Which one is better to use for BMW, VVDI2 or BMW multi tool?
Replied by Emily on Mar 14, 2016
Hello,Dear friend,
For BMW functions, VVDI2 full supports more cars then BMW multi tool.
If you only want to do BMW keys, you can just buy BMW Multi tool. Cheaper.
Best Regards
by Mr.MarquisedeCarabas on Dec 11, 2015
I have problems to see my tracking number online so I don't know where my baggage is maybe you can tell it to me
Replied by Emily on Dec 15, 2015
Hello,Dear friend,
The URL of post shipping changed.
Pls track your package on this URL:
Best Regards
by Mr.hadi bachshi on Dec 4, 2015
Send me training number DHL
Replied by Emily on Dec 4, 2015
Hello, Dear friend,
Pls check your email about the tracking number
Best Regards
by Alfred Broderick on Nov 26, 2015
Do you know if there will be a update for the multi tool soon??
Replied by Emily on Nov 26, 2015

Hello,Dear friend,
The version V7.7 just released on Nov  9th. Once newer update, we will inform you.
Any questions, please contact us freely.
Best Regards
by Matt Merchant on Nov 13, 2015
I have made an order from your website,
order no - VF1511103187
pl send soon as possible
Replied by Emily on Nov 17, 2015
Hello,Dear friend,
Already shipped, and sent you tracking number to your email. Pls check.
If an more questions, pls feel free to contact us.
Best Regards
by Mr.yuko tuyju on Nov 1, 2015
you update server work?
Replied by Emily on Nov 2, 2015
Hello,Dear friend,
pls give us pictures showing your machine's problem. Thanks
Best Regards
by Mr.Bruce Lowry on Oct 23, 2015
I was wondering what the best price would be for the BMW multi tool and VVDI 2? I have them in my cart currently.
Replied by Emily on Nov 2, 2015
Hello,Dear friend,
Pls check your email about the lowst price.
Actually, VVDI 2 full version conclude all functions of BMW multi tool.
Best Regards
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