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Xhorse Key Reader XDKR00GL Multiple Key Type based on Xhorse App Identify Key Bitting within Seconds

Xhorse Key Reader XDKR00GL Multiple Key Type based on Xhorse App Identify Key Bitting within Seconds

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The new Xhorse Key Reader allows for a faster and more accurate method of identifying key data without breaking probes or using key cutting machines. The key reader has a built-in optical identification system that is able to identify key bitting within seconds using only the Xhorse App. Xhorse Key Cutting Machines, with screens, can also be used if readily available.

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by Mr.Javier Bendek on May 11, 2022
Works good. Not needed but handy. Its like 20-25 breaking and it’s paid off.
by Mr.Mehmet Kemaldar on Apr 21, 2022
Mines been freaking great very good for when they bring broken keys a little cement glue attach both pieces and I insert the key been super accurate to me
by Mr.Morsy Pinmetal on Apr 27, 2022
I have one and it’s accurate. I’ve decided first try on 1989 Toyota Cressida and a 91 Cressida with original worn down keys
by Mr.Mike Jones on Apr 27, 2022
Mine never failed once. Amazing device.
to be fair I haven't tried to read any worn keys but it places a dot at the each point of the cut so I can't see being worn making any difference. It's most useful for JLR allminium HU101 blades, which saves having to rub off the aluminium coating to expose metal therefore making the blade conductive. Decent device for its low price.
by Mr.Khanna Sonu on Mar 22, 2022
Just got my order today. So far I like it!

by Mr.Erin Russell on Dec 29, 2021
I used it many times and is accurate so far.Yesterday I had a Pontiac with broken key in 2 pieces and after I glued the key it decoded fine.It was handy since it was super cold in Michigan to use lishi to get the key decoded.
by Mr.Shibin Shibin Xhhg on Dec 28, 2021
It is a good alternative. super cool.
by Mr.Samuel Bane on Dec 26, 2021
I just did a 2002 CLK and the reader read the HU64-2 like butter
by Mr.Chaz Jesse on Dec 28, 2021
it’s really good at reading worn out keys. Which would be a plus. Even my expensive magic and gymkana have trouble deciphering old worn out keys.
by Mr.Barrie Russell on Dec 28, 2021
Didn’t really need the Key Reader… BUT I WANTED TO HAVE IT BECAUSE IT LOOKS COOL!
So far its pretty neat. Decoded my Key perfectly.
by Mr.Gilbert Rguez on Dec 20, 2021
I got one of this…was delivered today!
by Mr.Tomasz Gacoin on Nov 16, 2021
Package arrived. I know we can decode by eye but it's still handy for the low price. I thought that until I realised it can decode plastic and aluminum blades.

UPDATED: done the first tests, positive hu66, hu83, nsn14, va2, a failure on ne72 Renault but ok ne72 Peugeot. 
by Mr.Frank Pugh on Nov 16, 2021
Received just now, still to test!!
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