VVDI update IMMOPLUS Newest Version to V2.5

VVDI IMMOPLUS Newest Version: V2.5

Notice:The VVDI IMMO Plus V2.5 can work with VAG commander software, if you want to update to V2.5,please send the serial number,We send you update file by email
(pls do not try to update the IMMOPLUS to V2.0, otherwise VAG COMMANDER 8.6 and TAG KEY TOOL software are not able to use after update)

VVDI immoplus 2.5V new update features and function:

1 Add uds protocol measurements, matching, component test, adding CAN, K-line protocol data stream details
2 Repair bug that can not read the password, add med9.5.10 engine PIN, CS read
3 Repair A6L/Q7 4 generations OEM remote control can not be used to generate the key bug, change the key ways to do
4 repair Touareg 4-generation anti-theft key learning bug
5 Add RB8 instrument theft status updates
6 Add 7bytes unlocking Magotan / CC Key in chip - tool according to , find 7 bytes and generate dealers keys

VVDI Includes 3 Parts: ImmoPlus, VAG Commander software, Tag Key Tool function.
1. ImmoPlus supports prepare delaer key for VAG new cars. Such as VW 4th/5th immobilizer. Even the car lost all working key or with keyless.
2. VAG Commander Software can do diagonistics for VAG cars. Also change KM, read PIN, learning key etc.
3. Tag Key Tool is used for chipset read/write. Make key with eeprom dump file etc.

Free Software Download:

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