China VVDI VAG Vehicle Diagnostic Interface IMMOPLUS Update to 2.64

Top Five Reasons to Get VVDI:

1. Most stable and powerful key programmer, mileage correction and diagnose tool for VW Group vehicle after 2006.
2. IMMOPLUS software update frequently.
3. Full technical support online.
4. All function support OBD2 connector.
5. Full range special function support.

VVDI 2.6.4 update:
1.This version need the newest firmware support. No extra firmware support. Update online can be find menu->Options->Upate online.
2.Add immo data for Toyota G-transponder, Suzuki all types, some VW old cars and part of Fiat
3.Prepare tranponder ID40(44) for China cars, need condor authorize.
4.Fix bug for tranponser reading

VVDI 2.63 update:

1.Fix bug prepare dealer key for china cars ID40
2.Add Suzuki-Alto-93C56 immo data support

VVDI 2.62 update:
1.Fix bug for write old cdc32xx immo data
2.Add make dealer key for china cars
3.Add transponder autodetect. Add support for Temic 11, Temic 12
4.Fix bug for prepare special transponder
5.Don't provide extra update tool. You can update your device from Menu->Options->Update to update firmware

VVDI V2.61 Update features:

1.This version need the newest firmware support. This version will update your programmer automaticlly
2. Fix bug for Read J518 EEPROM (A6/Q7 before 2009)
3. New window for transponder, Add special transponder:TP22/23/24/25, ID33/40/41/42/44/45/46/60/61/62/63/64/65/66/67/68/69/70/70E/73 etc.
4. Support more transponder, Temic 8C, Texas 4E, Texas DST+. Fix write bug for Texas 4D
5. Add Immobilizer Data Tool, Can make dealer key with eeprom dump file. Now support: VW EZS, VW Kessy, VW Passat/CC comfort(This function need Condor automatic cutting machine authorize)
6. Bugfix
vvdi newest software v2.61

VVDI V2.61 Update Tips:

VVDI V2.61 software can not works together with VAG Commander 8.6 and Tag key tool software, it already contain this two. If you want update your device, please provide us your serial number.

VVDI Includes 3 Parts: ImmoPlus, VAG Commander software, Tag Key Tool function.

1. ImmoPlus supports prepare dealer's key for VAG new cars. Such as VW 4th/5th immobilizer. Even the cars lost all working keys or with keyless.
2. VAG Commander Software can do diagnose for VAG cars. Also change KM, read PIN, learning key etc.
3. Tag Key Tool is used to chipset read/write. Make key with eeprom dump file etc.

How to Update VAG Vehicle Diagnostic Interface VVDI?

1. Please use this software: Commander Update V1.3 on your CD.
2. Give us the serial number
3. We send you update file by email.