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Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Remote Generator English Versions NA/EU Buy SK203-B2D Instead

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Remote Generator English Versions NA/EU Buy SK203-B2D Instead

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VVDI key TOOL will replace CN900 MINI and Handy Baby CBAY transponder Programmer completely, and also added more transponder and function
1: Support transponder copying / clone
2: Identify almost transponder in market
3: Support re-programming almost transponder in market
4: New remote re-generating / new remote making

xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-renew-unlock-wiring-diagram.pdf.pdf  (3.5M)

vvdi-key-tool-support-remote-list.pdf  (3.4M)


VVDI Key Tool Remote Programmer Update Log:

VVDI key Tool V2.3.8 English Version (2017-07-16)

Firmware version: V2.0.2
Attention: This update only for North American or India English version(na,na-en,in,in-en). Other languages will be released on next week, please get Device Info to check language version.
This version must be updated with V2.3.8 and above. The upgrade may take about 30 minutes
1.transponder clone
+add chrysler 4D-64(4E) clone
+add toyota-G offline clone
+add hyundai ID-70 online clone(Use Calculate option in upgrade software)
+add ford ID-83 online clone(Use Calculate option in upgrade software)
+add ID-4A identify
2.generate transponder
+add toyota-G to generate special transponder
3.remote renew
+add more than 86 remote&keyless go prox unlock
4.remote prepare
*fixed XN serial keys problem on ID47 such as suzuki
5.add more vehicles data and fixed some bugs

Free Download VVDI key Tool V2.3.8:
mega link
dropbox link

VVDI Key Tool V1.2.8(2017-04-26)
+ Remote Renew 
-8k0959754-C (Does not turn on the LED light of the remote) - Possibility Incorrect firmware
-8k0959754-J (Does not turn on the LED light of the remote) - Possibility Incorrect firmware
-8k0959754-D (LED light is OK) - Not tested yet in car
-Hyundai (Do not detail model)
* Sure some models like F series, will not work, like to passed with VVDIprog. And Audi see error in the (C and J).
+ Remote Prepare. V4
-Iden KEYDIE - (PCF7947) None Remote.

VVDI Key Tool V1.2.7(2017-04-02)
*Must be used 2.1.2 version upgrade software to update the firmware
*Must be used [fixed] function to update the firmware
1 fixed the remoter database damaged bug
2 fixed the internal firmware damaged bug 
3 fixed the remoter clone bug
4 added the calculation of hundyai keylessgo password

VVDI Remote Maker V1.2.6 (2017-3-25)
1, repair the 46 clone bug on part of models
2, add TPX3(ID46) in clone transponder list
3, add to view the ID46 detail data in TP-clone dialog(after clone success,press [right] button to check data)
4, fixed bug of 4d clone
5, fixed part of the fixed code clone bug
6, add the special clone function for part of remoter
7, add fixed code edit function
8, add sort car brand in remote generate function 
9, fixed some UI bug

VVDI-Key Tool V1.2.5(2017-2-23)
1,support clone PCF7936/46,TIRIS-4D(40-bit) 4C,PCF7935(ID33 ID42),T5(11 12 13);
2,support to edit 48 46 4d 7935 & common transponder 
3,support to make special transponder image such as TP23 TP24 ID33 ID40 ID42 ID44 ID46 ID60 ID67 and so on;
4,support to generate hundreds of key model
5,support to clone most of fixed code and Keeloq roll code remote key,such as pt2240,lx918,hcs30x and so on;
6,support to measure the key's frequency & power


How to update VVDI Key Tool?

(Please check update kit software from "Download" page on our website)

1.Connect device to PC with a USB Cable.
2.Click "Update Online" button to start update.
3.Wait for update completed.

VVDI KEY TOOL APP latest version update (IOS version 1.2.0 Android version 1.2.1)

IOS update
APP available only after update
1.add query bonus points function;
2.prepare remote add feedback function;
3.optimized interface.

Android update
Android system 8.0 version might be with problem when updating, if update failed please search VVDI or KEY TOOL to download the latest APP version at google play.
1.add query bonus points function;
2.prepare remote add feedback function;
3.optimized interface.
4.fix 96bit copy 48 online calculation problem
5.fix other bugs

Notes: please use the latest software version.
IOS please download from APP store search 'VVDI' or 'KEYTOOL'
Android download from google play search 'VVDI'



XK0 series wire remote with different style but same function, without immobilize transponder, work together with TP, support nearly 500 common vehicle types.

XKN series wireless remote with different type but same function, built-in immobilize transponder 11 12 36 42 44 46 47 etc, one support all type.

XK010700 special support for 786MHz.




Pack: 10pcs/lot (Do not sell single piece)



VVDI Key Tool Remote Keys Price List:

Series                                       Type                          Price: USD, 10pcs/lot (not including shipping cost)

X001-02  vvdi-remote-x001-02 65USD
X001-03  vvdi-remote-x001-03 65USD
X001-04  vvdi-remote-x001-04 65USD
X001-05  vvdi-remote-x001-05 65USD
X001-06  vvdi-remote-x001-06 65USD
Ferrari type (white)  Remote (english version)(with key slot)  vvdi-remote-ferrari-type 53USD
Ferrari type (Red)    Remote (english version)(with key slot)  vvdi-remote-ferrari-type-red 53USD
X001-786  vvdi-remote-b5-x001-786 56USD
X001-01  vvdi-remote-b5-x001-01 56USD
X002  vvdi-remote-ds-x002 56USD
X003  vvdi-remote-a6l-x003 56USD
X004  vvdi-remote-honda-x004 68USD
X007  vvdi-remote-hyundai-x007 56USD
X008  vvdi-remote-toyota-x008 70USD
X013  vvdi-remote-ford-x013 56USD
XN002  vvdi-remote-ds-xn002 90USD
XN004  vvdi-remote-honda-xn004 90USD
XN008  vvdi-remote-toyota-xn008 90USD

Note: VVDI key tool remote keys Chinese version cannot be used with VVDI key tool English version (CH-CH, EN-EN).