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VVDI MB Software Update to V3.8.5 (2018-03-01)

VVDI MB BGA Tool Mercedes Benz key programmer software released to V3.8.5 on Mar. 1st, 2018.


*** 2018-03-01
*** Require firmware V3.6.0
************************************************** **********************
===== BENZ V3.8.5 =====
1. We recommand all cumstomer update software to v3.8.5.
2. Bugfix for prepare BE key
3. Add Points System: Menu->Points System.

You can get bonus points by use VVDI BE key. With bonus points you can not only exchange BGA tokens, but also exchange other functions and components!
4. Bugfix



Free download VVDI MB V3.8.5 software!alJ1VbAJ!WlTqSJxzwVUQzDPby7mMNV9zX7zQQvF2PmnjlNOmNr4