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3 Condor II: Condor II + Key Reader [Ship from EU/UK/US] Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus II Condor II with XDKR00GL Key Reader
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Product Description

Key Reader decode Metal/ Plastic/ Aluminum Key
Condor II connected to Key Reader without phone app
Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus II Condor II with XDKR00GL Key Reader

Xhorse Condor XC- Mini Plus II is is the second generation of Xhorse Condor automatic key cutting machine. Driven by AI technology and 8 core processor, it has a higher performance compared with its former edition.
Compared with the Dolphin & Panda CNC machines, the structure of the XC-Mini Plus 2 generation CNC machine is more stable, and its database query supports a variety of clamps without limitation. Compared with other models of Xhorse CNC machines, it not only adds the function of querying when all keys are lost and bittings are missing, but also adds a database of civil locks and motorcycle lock keys, covering more work items in the daily work of locksmiths. In addition, the unique function of printing personalized LOGO on the key has been upgraded too.

Features in Condor II:

  • 7'' HD Touch Screen
  • Support Bluetooth and WiFi
  • Powered by Android System
  • Driven by 8-Core Processor
  • Intelligent Indicator Light
  • standardly includes two clamps M3 and M5
  • Key Blank Engraving (How to Engrave a Unique Key Blank)
  • Household Key Cutting
  • Optical Key Bitting Recognition (works with key reader)
  • Key 3D Preview
  • Update software, app, database and firmware within machine (update guide)
  • 3 years warranty
  • Condor II connected to Key Reader without phone app
Smart User Interaction in Android:
Powered by android system, it provides stronger compatibility, faster running speed, and smarter user interaction.

All Key Lost Database:
Our built-in powerful database covers over 100 car brands, 2000 car models, 20000 keys All Key Lost data with a lifelong upgrade service for free.

7"Display Intelligent Touch Screen:

With a resolution of 1280x720 pixels, laid out on a real estate of 7 inches, offers a much better picture quality on the screen to minimize eye fatigue. The machine adopts an angle-adjustable capacitive touch screen. You can set the angle of the screen based on actual needs.

Support Multiple Types of Keys:

Automobile, Motorbike, Residential and other generate keys

Offline Operation Available

A Iifelong online database upgrade service for free. To better serve users in a poor network environment . Offline operation is available after download the database.

Multiple Purpose Clamp

Condor XC-Mini Plus II is equipped with M5 Clamp and M3 Clamp in standard. M1, M2, M4 Clamp for options.

Thereinto, M5 is a 2-in-1 clamp of M1&M2, supports 2 track external, channel track, standard single sided, 4 track external, 4 track internal, standard double sided, dimple key types. More convenient to switch M1&M2 clamps directly, no need to install or disassemble over and over.

xhorse condor ii m5 clamp
xhorse condor ii m4 clamp
Intelligent Color Synchronization:
This smart indicator light, assembled by the advanced led chips and lamp shade seamlessly automates the color with the change of real-time working status ensures a stable light source and intelligent status indication with flicker-free illumination and long service time.

Red light error warning

Blue light normal working

Yellow light info notification

condor xc mini plus ii indicator color
8-core processor

Condor Mini Plus II is driven by high performance 8-core processor, to realize prompt response, run faster and high resolution.

8-core processor
Key bitting recognition: should work with Xhorse Key Reader.
condor xc mini plus ii works with key reader
Key Blank Engraving

In case there are too many keys hard to classify, or if you would like a key with unique design. This function allows users to add and delete texts and pictures, resize and turn them, to perfectly design a unique key.

xhorse condor xc mini plus ii Key Blank Engraving
Xhorse XDKR00GL Key Reader

Xhorse XDKR00GL Key Reader can identify key bitting within seconds because of its built-in optical key bitting unit, therefore, it is extremely convenient and easy to use. Users can obtain the precise key bitting results and cut keys directly via Xhorse APP and key cutting machines of Xhorse and other brands. Key Reader decode Metal/ Plastic/ Aluminum Keys.
Key Features of Xhorse Key Reader:

I. Reading Key Bitting More Accurately than Taking Photos
II. Accurate and Efficient Optical Identification of Key Bitting
III. Identify Aluminum Keys, Plastic Keys and Metal Keys
IV. Taking Only Seconds to Read Key Bitting
V. Avoiding Breaking Probes
VI. Xhorse Mobile APP Control is Easy to Use
VII Optical Imaging Technique in Key Bitting Reading

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[New Feature] Xhorse Condor II Modify a Key to Flip Key

Tech Support

Would like to learn the differences between dolphin ii vs xhorse condor xc-mini plus ii key cutting machine. Any input?

First of all, check a table comparison, then major differences and the summary below.

Item Xhorse Dolphin II (Dolphin XP005L) Xhorse Condor II (Condor XC-Mini Plus II)
Image  xhorse dolphin ii  xhorse condor ii
Database shares same key database, support car, motorcycle and household keys.
Touch screen 5-inch angle- adjustable capacitive touch screen. 7-inch angle- adjustable capacitive touch screen.
WiFi Yes Yes
Bluetooth Yes Yes
Built-in battery Yes No
Net weight 13kg 19kg
Gross weight 18.5kg 24kg
Power 160W 200W
Protective shield Yes Yes
LED indicator Yes Yes
Manual cutting  No  Yes
Household key cut by bitting No Yes
Key blank engraving (dimple key) No Yes
Offline operation No Yes
Manipulation Phone App/Key Tool Max/Standalone Standalone/Phone App
Optional key Recognition Yes (works with key reader) Yes (works with key reader)
Clamp M5 clamp in default,

Clamp M1, M2, M3, M4 optional

M3 and 5 clamps in default,

Clamp M1, M2, M4 optional

Update Firmware, database update via WiFi System, app, software, database, firmware update within machine, without upgrade kit on PC 
Warranty 1 year 3 years



Dolphin II and Condor II shares the same key database, support car, motorcycle and household keys.

It is mainly for car keys, only a few motorcycle and household keys are on database.


2. Key Blank Engraving

The biggest difference would be the key blank engraving (dimple key) function.
XP005L does not support this feature, condor ii does.

Due to the two new dimple cutters (internal/external), condor ii can decode and cut multi-lock dimple keys so we can personalize our keys.

The key blank engraving function allows users to add and delete texts and pictures, resize and turn them, to perfectly design a unique key.

Check How to Engrave a Key Blank with Condor II


3. Optical Key Bitting Recognition
Xhorse reader is used for decoding plastic and aluminum keys like some keys of landrover and audi. It can work with dolphin, condor and panda key cutting machines.
Condor XC-Mini II is the only one that can directly connect to key reader without a mobile phone.
It’s able to quickly and accurately identify almost all car keys, motorcycle keys, plastic keys and aluminum keys while connecting to key reader.
optical recognition           avoid probe breaking       identify key data faster


4. Offline operation

xhorse condor mini plus ii supports offline operation like the previous condor mini plus.

The network is not always movable, so this function could be a highlight.

But condor still does not have a built-in battery, so if you want to take it out, you may prepare a van to power it or choose the new Dolphin XP005L.


5. Household keys

Condor ii will cut household keys by bitting and via universal duplication (with original key).  Dolphin ii cannot cut household key by bitting, only via universal duplication (with original key).


6. Clamps


Both come with M5 (M1+M2) clamp, clamp m5 is really handy, don’t have to install and uninstall during procedure, just rotate it to select side A/B and lots of guys also appreciate this clamp update.

Condor Mini Plus II comes with M3 clamp in default as well.  It could save money a lot.


7. Firmware

Both have touch screen control, can also be controlled by phone app.

Condor II has a large screen and works faster (8-core Processor and high resolution).

Dolphin II is light weight and can be carried out easily.



It all depends on what you need.
same database, similar feature.
First of all, you need to know which one is portable or not.  When you arrive at a site and need to cut 10-15 keys at once, you go for dolphin ii because it is battery-operated.

Condor ii would be a nice choice in the long run.