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Product Description

With this adapter, there's no need to purchase new adapters specially designed for KEY TOOL PLUS or MINI PROG. These adapters all work with different tools from Xhorse, but now together with this Multi-function Adapter, they're all compatible with KEY TOOL PLUS or MINI PROG.
Xhorse XDKP30 Multi-Function Adapter for VVDI Key Tool Plus and Mini Prog

BOSH ECU + Benz EZS + EWS4 + Renew 4 in 1 
The XDKP30 Multi Function converter can be used with vvdi key tool plus and mini prog programmer


It is compatible with following adapters:

VVDI Prog Bosch ECU Adapter

VVDI MB EZS EIS adapters

BMW EWS4 Adapter

Renew adapter 

There're 5 ports in this adapter in total.

1. Connect to KEY TOOL PLUS and MINI PROG

2. Connect to renew adapters
connect vvdi key tool plus with renew adapter

3. Connect to BMW EWS4 adapter
xhorse ews4 adapter
4. Connect to BENZ EZS adapter
xhorse BENZ EZS  EIS adapter
5. Connect to BOSH ECU adapter
xhorse BOSH ECU adapter

Test example:  read BMW ISN with Mini prog and bosh ecu adapter via multi function adapter 
Xhorse Mini Prog Read Edc17c50 Isn 3

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Tech Support

Before connecting XDKP30 to any other adapters, please supply 12v power!!!
supply 12v power to xhorse xdkp30
1. Connect to Renew Adapter
connect xhorse xdkp30 with renew adapter
2. Connect to BMW EWS4 Adapter
xhorse xdkp30 with bmw ews4 adapter
3. Connect to Benz EZS Adapter
xhorse xdkp30 with ezs adapter
4. Connect to BOSH Adapter
connect xhorse xdkp30 with bosh adapter