VVDI Key Tool Generate BMW EWS Remote 3 Buttons

Do you know how to generate BMW EWS Diamond Remote Key 3 Button 315MHz by VVDI KEY TOOL? Tested it’s quick and easy! Check below steps.


VVDI KEY TOOL generate BMW EWS remote key via “Wire” mode or “Wireless” mode, both OK.

First, power on VVDI KEY TOOL and go to “Remote Prepare”.


Select car brand: “BMW” and remote key type: “EWS 315”.



Now you can see the BMW remote key picture and frequency 315MHz like this:


Connect the remote PCB board with VVDI KEY TOOL via the programming cable.

Then press “NEW” and choose “Wire” mode to generate key.


And wait it complete. VVDI KEY TOOL generate BMW EWS remote key 315MHz successfully!


Or you can generate BMW EWS remote control by wireless mode!

Just put the VVDI OEM remote key 315MHz into the coil and choose “Wireless” mode instead of “Wire”.

And key tool remote maker generate BMW EWS remote key, another success!