How to Update Condor XC-Mini to V4.0.2 or above Multi-Language

Here’s the guide to update Xhorse Condor XC-Mini master series automatic key cutting machine software to V4.0.2 or above with multi-language by Xhorse update kit.


Power on Condor mini key cutter


current version:  v4.0.1

Download and unzip Xhorse update kit
Copy and paste Upgrade kit on desktop, then open it
Select Condor mini S/N KM02 or KM03 and version 4.0.2
Find device and click on Upgrade
Connect Condor xc mini to computer via USB cable . Don’t turn ff the software or unplug the USB cable during the upgrade.
Check device connection status and check driver version
Download the latest software and data files
Start updating software and data
Upgrade completed
Current version: 4.0.2