How to Check Xhorse Key Tool Plus Free Token combined with Condor or Dolphin?

I have my xhorse dolphin xp05 key cutting machine combined with my key tool plus how do you know when you get a token it says you get 1 token per day when combined?



If combine Condor or dolphin with key tool plus, follow this path to check free token:

User account –  My bonus points – Bonus points composition

Check How Much Token

You can also go to
Immo Programming-Benz-Select from system-Password calculation-Start programming-Query the Benz points

Key tool plus will show free token and paid token for online calculation, as well as bonus points.

Check Key Tool Free Token 1Check Key Tool Free Token 2Check Key Tool Free Token 3Check Key Tool Free Token 4Check Key Tool Free Token 5Check Key Tool Free Token 6

Check Key Tool Free Token 7

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