VVDI2 updated to V1.0.8

VVDI2  updated to V1.0.8 (Oct 22)
VVDI 2 V1.08 download

=====   VAG V1.0.8      =====
1. Fix bug for key learn in touareg(KWP2000), bentley(KWP2000)
2. Add support for BFM remote control (car with BFM system, such as polo, jetta etc)
3. Add support for flash programming _E type FRF file
4. Add support for get PIN and CS from cayenne ECU (4th immobilizer, EEPROM 95128)
5. Bugfix

=====    BMW V1.0.8            =====
1. Fix bug for file change km (CAS1/CAS2/CAS3)
2. Fix bug for BWM KWP protocol
3. Language fix

=====    Transponder Programmer V1.0.8    =====
1. Enhance programmer stability
2. Fix bug for some Koleos 9S12 can't detect key position
3. Bugfix