VVDI MB BGA Updated to V2.0.5 Support All Key Lost

Original Xhorse V2.0.5 VVDI MB BGA Tool

Mainly used for key reading and writing,EIS tools,password calculation,key file preparing,ESL tools,ECU/Gearbox renew and many special functions

Latest Version: V2.0.5 (2016-01-07)
V2.0.5 VVDI MB BGA Download

1. Attention: All user update device to firmware v2.0.5, software v2.0.5, the lower version dont support password calculation
2. Add password calculation for lost all key. Support W166, W246, W212, W212(old). After success find password, it will need pay 2 calculation times
3. Password calculation with working key support: add working key test before data acquisition
4. Add EIS status test, working key test function
5. Fix bug for OBD read W203, W639, W463(K) EIS
6. Autodetect W212 EIS with ELV
7. Fix bug for read v51 key password via NEC adaptor
8. Add IR repair key function
9. Bugfix

V2.0.3 (2015-12-14)

Require firmware V2.0.0 
Password Calculation: Read EIS under OBD mode will check car power automatically. Avoid lost data in EIS


1. You can enjoy the price of only 1200USD if you already had (Item No. SL252 IKEYCUTTER CONDOR XC-007 Master  or Item No. SL273 IKeycutter CONDOR XC-MINI Master ).  You can get the password freely once a day. For the second or third calculate, it need 1 token once a time.
2. The price is 1999USD if you don't have the condor key cutting machine. once a token when you calculate the password.
3. You can buy tokens from us. http://www.VVDIShop.com/wholesale/tokens-for-vvdi-mb-bga-tool-password-calculation.html