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Sale!Xhorse VVDI2 Completed Version (Every Software Activated) VVDI2 Full + OBD48 + MQB + ID48 96 Bit Copy + BMW FEM/BDC + Toyota H Chip Authorization

Sale!Xhorse VVDI2 Completed Version (Every Software Activated) VVDI2 Full + OBD48 + MQB + ID48 96 Bit Copy + BMW FEM/BDC + Toyota H Chip Authorization

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VVDI2 all actived authorizations includes all authorization for VVDI2 at present: BMW OBD,CAS4,BMW FEM,VAG 4TH,5TH,ID48 96bit,ID48 OBDII,PSA,Porsche,MQB,transponder programmer,J2534,prepare toyota h chip.

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by Mr.Iustinian Iordache on Oct 30, 2019
Volkswagen mk7 2015

situation : all key lost blade key

cluster: mqb continental

i manage to make all key lost with no dealer key all with vvdi2 ... but i had to pay chinese guy for synchronisation file+immo data

no need to disassemble anything from car.... all by obd
by Mr.Carlos Soutter on Oct 21, 2019
will VVDI2 add key on a Audi A4 B9 8W 2015?
Replied by Emily on Oct 21, 2019
Hi, friend,
Yes, VVDI2 can add key for Audi A4 B9 8W 2015.
Any questions feel free to contact.
by alison le moal on Sep 26, 2019
Brilliant thanks. I have been using vvdi2 the last couple of days on cas3 bmw by obd for a couple of cars and to clone Toyota h chip. It has been brilliant. First time using vvdi superchips which are also brilliant!
by Mr.Septian Virgo on Sep 11, 2019
just done a x3 2015 with Mcu cas 4 is 1N35H via OBD
by Mr.Kherafa Malika on Sep 11, 2019
2013 BMW 528i added another smart key within 15 min with vvdi2 by OBD, easy as 1,2,3....
by Mr.david smith on Sep 9, 2019
Replied by Emily on Sep 9, 2019
Hello, Dear,
Your vvdi2 already the all actived version.
No need to active any more
This is software:
Later once there is new update, you can come to me to send you software download link  or you can check on this link
Best Regards
by Mr.Sarah Raynor on Sep 7, 2019
Good afternoon, VVDI2, supports Audi Q3 2016, all keys are lost?
Replied by Emily on Sep 7, 2019
Hi, friend,
Yes, but it should be 4th immo NEC 24C64 type. 
Any questions feel free to contact.
by Mr.Adem Smara on Sep 7, 2019
Just made an extra key to a 14 528i within 15 min by OBD with VVDI2
by Mr.Tarly Coffey on Sep 5, 2019
CAS 4 vía OBD all keys lost using VVDI2. 10 min job.

by Mr.Cerrajeria Roberto on Sep 2, 2019
I have done 4 fem bdc key with 433mhz all work great.
by Mr.E Jesús Estrada on Sep 2, 2019
Today try F10 OBD2 but first backup MCU. OBD2 job work well no damage CAS4.
by Mr.المفتاح لنسخ المفاتيح on Aug 21, 2019
BMW 535GT CAS4 all keys lost done by VVDI2 by OBD
by Mr.Thiên Phong on Aug 21, 2019
Tested BMW CAS4 by obd works fine using Xhorse VVDI2. Takes about 10-15min to unlock it. Than key programming with ignition.
BMW 520 F10 2016
Always connected battery when working on BMW.
by Mr.mouaoued ismail on Aug 13, 2019

SN: VV20599679

free active the vvdi 2 pin, cs, mac authorization
Replied by Emily on Aug 13, 2019
by Ervin on Jul 28, 2019
The product has come today. Evrything was ok.Thank you very much.
by Christoph Elmerhaus on Jul 20, 2019
I upgrade my vvdi2 to new version 6.6.0. I cant find the link on website for new version software. can you please email me link ?
by Haroutioun on Jul 17, 2019
Hello, kindly may i know if available with you a tools for sale can prepare dealer key for OEM remote key for (all keys lost MQB) VW7?
Replied by Emily on Jul 17, 2019

MQB for all key lost not devices support, only add spare key
only support vdo cluster(JC dash not support)

Best Regards
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