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[4% Off 1872] (Ship from UK) V1.2.7 Xhorse Condor Dolphin XP005 Key Cutting Machine based on Mobile Phone English Version with Built-in Battery

[4% Off 1872] (Ship from UK) V1.2.7 Xhorse Condor Dolphin XP005 Key Cutting Machine based on Mobile Phone English Version with Built-in Battery

Latest price:US$1,950.00
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The latest in portable key cutting technology from XHorse with a built in battery! The Condor Dolphin has all the capabilities of the Condor XC Mini and works with a phone app and bluetooth connectivity. It can cut 20 HU66 key blanks front and back, off of one battery pack.

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by Hayssam Hallab on Feb 8, 2020
Dolphin XP005 App Database in Chinese Version Language Solution i want of english Can you Help ?

SN:KM06606817 Germany

Thank you for your support.
Replied by Emily on Feb 9, 2020
Hello, Dear,

We checked your machine is Chinese version.
Not English version.

If you want to change language, pls kindly contact the local dealer

Sorry. We can not help 

Best Regards
by Hayssam Hallab on Feb 7, 2020

Dolphin XP005 App Database in Chinese Version Language Solution i want of english Can you Help ?
Replied by Emily on Feb 7, 2020
Hello, Dear,

Pls give us serial number and your country. Thanks

Best Regards
by Mr.Quy Duong on Jan 2, 2020
My dolphin is amazing 600 keys cut no issues. i used Xhorse products from XC007 , Condor mini , Mini plus , and Dolphin no problem . If compare with another brand cutting machines sure Xhorse is best choice
by Mr.Pablo Salce on Nov 15, 2019
It's awesome.
Good for tibbe. Manual copy is good. App is a bit clumsy but instacode built in is useful
by Mr.Sandro Pinheiro Santos on Nov 15, 2019
Its Great. Free update and you can use it with insta-code
by Mr.Robert Sasu on Oct 30, 2019
Dolphin xp005:
HU64-3 decode
cut HU64-3.
Result: Success.
by Mr.Dovale Santo on Oct 14, 2019
Decode and cut HU64 old style blade: Result Success
Use bitting, and write into new style HU64-3: Result Success
This is the first time experienced that this actually works.
This door lock was in very good condition. It was working really smooth. Not adding any lubrication.
1,5mm which machine says is recommended.
by Mr.Nasrun Leo Kunci on Oct 8, 2019
Sorry if it’s stupid question
To update the firmware, do I need to connect the machine to my pc and update with “update kit”?
Replied by Emily on Oct 8, 2019
Hi, friend,
Yes just like the keytool.  use your phone app to update your machine.
Any questions feel free to contact. 
by Michel Zeilstra on Sep 17, 2019
Its All OK!
by mohamed on Aug 31, 2019
There is one Year Insta code for free ?
Replied by Emily on Dec 17, 2019
Hi, Dear friend,
Dolphin XP005 comes with built-in database, Does not have 1 year free insta-code database.
Any questions feel free to contact.
Best regards.
by Danny on Aug 21, 2019
Support all key lost ??
Replied by Emily on Dec 17, 2019
Hi, Dear friend,
Yes, it comes with built-in database, supports add key and all keys lost.
Any questions feel free to contact.
by Mr.Muhamad Hary Alfahmawe on Aug 15, 2019
Dolphin XP-005 or XP-007?
I want to cut keys for VAG Cars. Is Manuel cutting machine difficult to use?
Replied by Emily on Aug 15, 2019
Hi, friend,
Xp005 is automatic machine working with phone app it's good machine ,fast and easy on the job. xp007 is manual n has limitations .relies on your skill of locksmithing or requires keymoulds for all key lost situation.but it's also good for cloning keys.overally xp005 and xp 007 are both good tools that a locksmith should have .if you are a learning locksmith start with xp005 its good for learning. 
Any question feel free to contact.
Best Regards.
by Dennis Musalf on Jul 15, 2019
oh yeah.
I have Free token now.
thank you very much appreciated that
by William on Jul 4, 2019
Hello Emily. Thank you for your reply. I did continue to search, and found the "XHORSE" App on Google Play store. It's extremely easy to install, set up and operate. And, I've already used my new Dolphin (I call it "Brisco"), to cut a 10-cut Toyota key. Great Machine.

Thanks again,
by William H. McIntosh on Jul 3, 2019
Where to download the following for Xhorse Dolpin XP-005 (in English):
1. User manual.
2. Link and Android App for machine setup & operation.
Replied by Emily on Jul 3, 2019
Hello, Dear,

I asked the engineer.

They said manual of xhorse only has Chinese.
They still not translate to English yet

APP   :  pls search 'XHORSE' on Google play  or Apple store
the first one 
Dolphin can also use this app

Best  Regards
by Danilo mirabella on Jun 28, 2019
Salve sono un officina che vorrebbe iniziare su questo settore delle chiavi si può avere una lista completa delle auto che potrei fare?
Replied by Emily on Jun 28, 2019
Hello, Dear,

Really sorry for the late reply.
I was ill and not reply in time.

Which item do you interet ?
Best Regards
by Andrei-Nicolae Maciac on Jun 24, 2019
Is it available the XHorse Condor Dolphin or it is Pre-Order?
How long it takes to have it in Romania (Europe)?
Thanks a lot !
Replied by Emily on Jun 24, 2019
Hello, Dear,

Condor Dolphin  will come in stock next week.

You can buy now.

You can pay the deposit 500 USD and pay rest next week once in stock (totally ammount will 4% off 1872 usd)  

We can ship your package by DHL, declare lower value for custom, 5-7 days
or Yanwen shipping, 8-12 business days, No custom fees

Best Regards
by Sani Halak on Jun 24, 2019
hi......any one here?
Replied by Emily on Dec 17, 2019
Hi, Dear friend,
You can leave a message here or contact us:
Whatsapp: +86 13559259147
by Mr.Владимир on May 30, 2019
RUS: Когда появится полностью русский язык в приложение?? Ваши приборы берут рейтинг популярности каждый день всё выше и выше. Нужно скорее делать полностью русское приложение. Ещё оченьприятнобудет видеть KEYTOOL на русском языке
Replied by Emily on Jun 1, 2019
Hello, Dear,

Thank you for your support.

I will feedback you suggestions to engineers.
Hope Russian language app available soon

Best Regards
by Mr.Servi Torres on Apr 28, 2019
does it need constant internet connection?
Replied by Emily on Apr 28, 2019
Hi, dear friend, 
Internet is need only to register app and login APp , and download database
then you can be offline. 
also if you cut one side key , after Dolphin start cutting , you can disconnect tablet / phone and it will finish cut. 
if you have 2 side key , and you disconnect tablet / phone during key cutting , Dolphion will cut one side , and to start cut another side you need reconnect.
Any questions free to contact.
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