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Xhorse VVDI2 Updated to V1.1.6

V1.1.6 Newest VVDI2 Commander Key Programmer Full Version

VVDI 2 Updated to V1.1.6(June 28th, 2016)
V1.1.6 Software Download

Top 5 Reasons to Get VVDI2

1. This VVDI2 comes with Basic Function + VW + BMW + Porsche+ AUDI Generation 5 function+BMW OBD Fucntion+BMW CAS4+ function  , No Need to buy other Authorization
2. VVDI2 Covers All the Functions of VVDIVVDI 5th IMMO AdapterBMW Multi ToolCAS Plus, CAS4 Adapter and so on.
3. Support VW, Audi, BMW and Porsche
4. Provide Exchange Service for Old VVDI
5. Newest Version: V1.1.6

VVDI Exchange for VVDI2 Tips -Time is over

This VVDI2 already contains AUDI Generation 5, BMW OBD Fucntion and BMW CAS4+,You don't  need to open any authorizations separatly

Item number Full version(SV86) Basic+VAG(SV86-B) Basic(SV86-C) Basic+BMW(SV86-D)
Price 2369USD 1550USD 499USD 1079USD
Basic Functions
5th AUDI Authorization +320USD (SV86-2)
BMW OBD Authorization +720USD (SV86-3) +720USD (SV86-3)
BMW CAS4 + Authorization +260USD (SV86-4) +260USD (SV86-4) +260USD (SV86-4)

Note: Only when you have the Mini condor key cutting machine, can you apply the authorization to read pin, cs, mac from ECU
But the other functions, such as component security fuctions can be used without the above authorization.

vvdi2 full manual