BMW Multi Tool key programmer – best for cas3+ CAS4 with all key lost

FAQ (frequently asked questions)about BMW Multi Tool

Recently, many people are puzzled that BMW CAS3+ with all keys lost but even the best original AVDI can’t make key for it. Then they doubt which one can surpass it?
To help more people know more details, we list some frequently-asked questions about the operation.

1. Which BMW key programmer is best for cas3+ with all key lost?

You will need cas and ecu dump to make key.
Good tool for cas3+ are: BMW Multi Tool/tm100/tango/ ckm100/vvdi2
2. Does the BMW Multi Tool make a save/backup of the CAS data before downgrading? I’m just wondering what happens if something goes wrong within that 30 min downgrade process?

Multi tool gives u note message before downgrading to use a programmer and save data (i always skip that message cz in case anything goes wrong i can reflash the cas) i can’t say how many BMW i’ve downgraded and NONE at all had a single problem, 100% safe. I never cared if the flashing process on the Multi Tool works or no or if it kills the cas since i have a backup the BMW Explorer. but i always choose the Multi Tool since its faster in downgrading cas.

BTW, I have BMW Explorer full kit cost about 10K. in 1 word. THE BEST for bmw.
PS: u dont need manual. its very easy to use , even a kid can use it.

3. So we downgrade using Mult-Tool – any extra cables/connectors required ?

no special cables needed except the CAS PLUG and 12v

4.Do you do key programming by CAS plug or do you put it back in the car first?

u can do it by CAS plug, but i always plug it in car and and add it by OBD.

5. Once you downgrade the cas to make the key is there anyway to then upgrade it back to version 45? I’m just thinking if you leave the car downgraded and it gets stolen a few weeks later you’ll have some explaining to do.

No you can’t unless they go back to dealer. Of course no downgrade is 100% safe. Obviously doing on table better tho. Haven’t we got a list of flashes on avdi which we can use to ensure safe(r). Here when a car is all key lost the customers doesn’t care if u make them only.  transponder, they just want their car running.

6. Anybody know who the original manufacturer of BMW Multi Tool is? All I can find is Chinese.
Xhorse Company. It’s not a clone of another tool. They authorize many dealers to sell BMW Multi Tool, Eg,

7. What BMW Multi Tool can’t do?

I’ve made many cas3+ all key lost with multi tool it worked.
the only one that didn’t make it was yesterday CAS3+ mask 0M23S which had a valid key , the software was 2015 its the latest cas3+.
I tried autohex didn’t make it, I tried to read it by R270 its not supported.
The only tool that succeeded in doing it was the BMW EXPLORER which took me about 2 hours downgrading the firmware which showed fail 2 times but succeeded on the third time.

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